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The Village of Four Seasons

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Address- The Village of Four SeasonsAssociation, Inc., 199 Ralph Lomma Way Union Dale, Pennsylvania 18470.                                                           

Architectural Standards- Any exterior structure changes or landscaping must be approved through the Architectural Committee, please give plans to John. See Code of Regulations #29.

ATV’s- Must be registered with the Association Office and have “Permission to Operate Care” along with insurance. No tenants or guests may have an ATV in the Village and operators must be registered and licensed.

Alcohol- The Village regulation and Pennsylvania State Law - consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited for persons under the age of 21.  No parties for anyone under 21 without adult supervision.

Annual Meeting- is held for all members of the Association typically on the Saturday of or the Saturday prior to Labor Day Weekend. Submit request items to be considered for Agenda two weeks prior to the meeting.

Art Center- is located on the Boardwalk and is open during the summer season. 

Ambulance- 9-1-1 / Pleasant Mt. Emergency Service/ Union Dale Volunteer Fire Company


Basketball – Basketball court is located across form the Boardwalk and is available year-round for play.

Beach- We have a white sand beach. Lifeguards are on duty in the summer months. Chaise lounges, chairs, and umbrellas are provided.                      

Boats- We have rowboats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboats. Sailboats are privately owned.

Board of Directors- There are 9 Section Directors and 9 Alternate Directors. The Board meets six times a year and set / enforces policies of the Village. Any member in good standing is eligible to run for their section.

Boardwalk- Our Boardwalk contains seven buildings which house the Office, Laundromat, Snack Bar, Game Room, Directory, and Art Center. The road is blocked-off in front of the Boardwalk from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Bike Riding- All children must wear a bike helmet while riding their bikes. No biking on the tennis courts.



Contractors- an approved list of contractors and service personnel is available in the Office.

Committees- Executive, Architectural, Maintenance, Social, Recreation, Snack Bar, Finance, By-Laws, and Security.

Cable TV- companies available are Adams Cable TV at (570) 282-6121 and NEP at (570) 785-3131. Be sure to give your street address and house number when ordering these services.

Cindering- The Village Maintenance Staff cinders and plows the roads.

County- the Village is located in Susquehanna County.

Circle- there is only ONE WAY around the circle and the speed limit is 10 m.p.h.

Construction- there is absolutely NO construction during the months of July and August.

Cobblestones- We have a cobblestone walkway in the townhouse section- No vehicles are allowed on the cobblestones.

Colors- All paint colors must fall within an established range of colors; neon and pastels are not permitted. Colors as well as pickets must be approved by the committee. Siding must be Chateau Brown or equal and decks must be Fairfax Brown or equal.



Dogs- All dogs must be walked on a leash and a popper scooper is to be used. No dog runs are allowed and no tying of dogs to the outside of a building, etc.

Decks- are not used to hang out items- no towels or rugs are allowed over the railings.

Deliveries- are left at the front office. If you are expecting a package please check with the office.

Directory- is located on the Boardwalk. This serves as the equipment room and staff room. 


Emergencies- Call 9-1-1 and refer to your map for the street name and house number. Also contact the Office so we can aid the emergency crews and open the front gate.

Elk Mountain- call their hotline at 1-800-233-4131 or 679-4400

Electric- PPL Electric Utilities at 1-800-342-5775 for information and service providers.

Exterior- All owners shall maintain the exterior of any building or landscaping in a clean and neat manner consistent with the characteristics of the Village.



Fireside Room- can be rented by any Village homeowner.  Contact John for details.

Firewood- all firewood must be stacked neatly outside your home. Refer to the Contractor’s List for phone numbers of delivery persons.

Fences- are not allowed

Fax Line- is (570) 679-9205

Fire Company- Pleasant Mt. Emergency Service/ Union Dale Volunteer Fire Company- 911

Federal Express- picks up and delivers packages to the front office.

Fishing- Our Lake is stocked with many species of fish, including: large mouth bass, crappie, blue gills, sunfish, perch, pike and the occasional catfish.  Pennsylvania State Law requires anyone 16 and older to purchase a license.

Firearms- discharging firearms is prohibited in the Village.

Fireworks- are illegal under Pennsylvania law and may not be set off by members or their guests within the Village except with the approval in advance of the Village Manager.  The Village will occasionally provide a fireworks display as part of a holiday celebration.


Garbage- must be in bags and tied before being placed in bins. Call the Office for removal of larger non-household trash. Trash pick up day is Tuesday.

Guest Passes- are available at the Office and must be displayed in guest vehicles at all times.

Golf Carts- must be registered with the Association Office and have “Permission to Operate Card” along with insurance. Operators must be licensed drivers.

Guards- are on duty when the office is not staffed.

Game Room- is located on the Boardwalk and open daily for the summer season.

Gate- codes for the front gate are given out by the Office. When someone calls you from the gate you need to press #9 to let them in the gate.


Heat Checks- are $110 per year and include setting heat in house, plugging in heat tapes and checking home a minimum of one time per week as temperatures warrant.

Holiday Schedules- The office is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Easter Sunday and Christmas day. Christmas Eve the office is open 9 am to 12pm. All other holidays, the office is open.

Hockey- Rollerblade hockey is played during the summer on the sporting court across from the Boardwalk. 


Icy Roads- Please drive slowly in the winter. We live at the bottom of a mountain and our hills get icy. We don’t have the traffic to work the ciders like the main roads.

Insurance- the Association carries full insurance coverage as required and does not carry individual coverage on homes or townhouses.

Internet Access- is available through NEP at 785-3131 or Adams Cable at 282-6121.



R.J. Turner- is the Community Association General Manager. He resides in Herrick Township. Please respect his off duty hours. His cell phone number is (570) 396-7814, where he can be reached at any time in case of an emergency.

Jackpot Golf- is held on the Beach during July and August

Junk- is not to be stored on any property.



Keys- the Association requires that a key for every unit be kept in the Office for emergencies.

Kindergarten to High School- Forest City Regional School picks up and drops off our children at the front gate


Lawn Mowing- cutting and trimming is provided by the Village

Landscaping- all plans should be submitted to the Office for approval by the Architectural Committee.

Laundromat- is located on the Boardwalk and is open from 7am to 9pm. Both washers and dryers require four quarters.

Lake- the lake provides for boating, swimming, and fishing. No gasoline powered motors are allowed on the lake. The lake water is tested regularly and treated if necessary. 


Mountain Parking Lot- During the winter season parking passes must be displayed on vehicles at all times when parked in the Mountain Lot. Two passes per household are provided.

Maps- a map of the Village is on file with all emergency agencies.  A copy of the Village map is also available on the private side of the Village website.

Maintenance Staff- are on the property Monday through Friday.

Mail- can be found in the mailbox located in the Office. Outgoing mail can be placed in the designated box at the front gate. Individual boxes are available upon request.

Motorcycles- must watch their noise and no revving of engines in the Village. Riding is allowed from 9am to 9pm and must be licensed.



Noise- is not allowed from 11pm to 9am

Name Plates- can be displayed on your home. See the Code of Regulations #5.



Open Houses- a $5.00 fee is charged each time this service is requested. You must call the office by 12 noon of the day you would like this service performed

Office Hours- hours vary with the seasons. Schedules are posted in every edition of the Seasoner, online at our website and on the Office door.

Off Road Driving- Please do not drive on the grass or common ground.

One Way Signs- Signs are posted – please obey the One-Way signs.

Office- is located on the Boardwalk. 


Propane Tanks- please refer to the Propane Use Policy.

Parking Areas- please refer to the Village map for designated parking areas.

Pools- The adult pool is located by the Boardwalk.  

The family pool is located by the townhouses.  It is heated, has a wading pool and a restroom. 

Plowing- Our Maintenance Staff plows and cinders the roads when the roads are icy or snow covered.  Once the roads are clear the staff will plow homeowner driveways and parking areas

Pennsylvania Power & Light- can be reached at 1-800-342-5775

Police- Gibson State Police can be reached at (570) 465-3154 for non-emergencies. All emergencies dial 9-1-1

Phone List- a phone list of Villagers can be obtained in the office or on the private side of the Village website.


Questions- call the office at 679-2105

Quiet Times- are from 11pm to 9am. There is also a “No Construction Policy” from July 4th until Labor Day

Quadro Tram- is located at the top of the ski slope.


Rentals- all tenants must be registered and meet with the Manager for security codes and parking passes.

Registering Guests- Phone the Office with the name of your guests and the dates that they will be visiting or complete the online form on the private side of the Village website.  Once completed your guests will be assigned their temporary pass(es).

Residential- Village homes may be used for residential purposes only, no businesses allowed.

Recreation- all activities are planned by recreation committee.  The activities are listed in the Seasoner, on the Boardwalk calendar and the private side of the Village website.

Rollerblading- is allowed.  Please see the schedule for Roller Hockey games & tournaments.


Security Codes- are unique to the individual homeowner. Do not hand out your code.

Speed Limit- is 10 mph throughout the entire Village!

Skiing/Sledding- is permitted on the ski slope only. Do not sled on the roads!!

Snowmobiles-must be registered with the office along with proof of insurance. All drivers must be licensed.

Shoveling- Please shovel a path to your garbage bin in order for your trash to be picked up in the winter.

Sewer System- the Village operates its own system, which was newly built in 2008.

Subleasing- is not permitted for any reason by a tenant.

Seasoner- is a Village publication produced throughout the year to keep you informed on what is going on with our Village family and local community

Snack Bar- is located on the Boardwalk and open during our summer season.

Skateboarding- is allowed with proper equipment

Stickers- Vehicle ID stickers and VOFS decorative stickers are available in the office

Susquehanna- is our county



Teenage Parties- are not allowed unless chaperoned by an adult 21 years of age or older. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed to be served to anyone under 21.

Telephone- our local telephone company is NEP at 785-3131

Township- is Herrick Township. We are a Zoned Community.

Ten- 10 mph is our speed limit

Trees- over 3’ in diameter need approval to be removed.



Utilities- NEP Telephone Company provides telephone, cable, and internet services at 785-3131 – Adams Cable TV provides cable, telephone and internet services at 282-6121 and PPL provides power at 1-800-342-5775. Water, sewer, and trash removal are provided by the Village.

UPS- delivers and picks up packages at the Office

Unaccustomed- if you are not familiar with the Village, please stop by or call the office and we’ll be happy to help.


Vehicles- must be registered with the Office and stickers must be displayed at all times

Villager- summer newsletter produced by Village children.

Visitors- all visitors must be registered with the Office

Volunteers- all committees are volunteer, except for the Executive Committee which are appointed by the Association President. Please volunteer a little of your time and expertise to a committee.


Water System- the Village operates its own central water system. The water is chlorinated and regularly tested.  Water pressure problems should be reported to the office.

Wildlife- it is not uncommon to see wildlife wandering about the Village at night or in the mornings.



Xtra Garbage- Contact the office to schedule a pickup.

Xenia- is a type of flower seen in many of our flower beds around the Village



Young Children- under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all Village functions

Yen- is what you get when you have been away from the Village too long


ZZZ Time- is from 11pm to 9am

Zip Code- is 18470-9528

Zillion- are the number of reasons we have for being part of the Village!


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